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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feelings of Forever - If my life was like Saturday's Warrior

Yesterday my friend K--- asked why I hadn't blogged in so long, and I told her the truth. The truth being that I have at least 5 half-written blog drafts saved on here that I never published because halfway through writing them I got bored and decided I didn't actually care what I was writing about. And, really, if I'm not interested in what I'm writing, who is going to be interested in reading it?

But, I told her I would find something to blog about soon. I wasn't sure what I was going to write about, but I was determined to find something. And lo and behold, today at lunch the topic of this post floated down to me from the heavens.

Today I met my future husband.

I was in line at L&T Salads and Soups with my dear friends J----- and A---. We were talking about various things, and I said that I really liked L&T because of such and such reason. And then this guy in front of me turned, looked at me, and opened his mouth to speak. And then it was like I was in Saturday's Warrior. You know, that part where the guys comes back from his mission and he brings the guy he baptized with him. And the RM's girlfriend is there waiting at the airport for him, but then she sees the guy he baptized and they recognize each other from the pre-existence and then they sing this song:

So if you trade out the weeping RM for J----- and A---, and trade out the baptized dude for L&T guy and the former girlfriend of the Elder for me, that's pretty much went down.

Well, almost anyway.

Actually, what went down was more like this:

Me: I like how big the wraps are here. It's like I'm buying lunch and dinner, all at once!

L&T guy: (sarcastically) I like how fast this line is moving.

Me: Hahaha, yeah! (thinking to myself, "Why did I pick today to skip doing my hair?")

Then we finally got to the front and were ordering our food.

L&T guy: You're ordering it with the spinach tortilla? No way, the tomato one is the best!

Me: Not with the Great Ceasar! Spinach is definitely the way to go.

L&T guy: Well, as long as you don't get the garlic tortilla. That one is gross! (I'm sure the L&T people appreciated that.)

Me: Haha, true!

And then he paid for his food and left. And then my friends and I paid for our food and went to find a table. And as we were sitting down I started to let out what I had been wanting to say to them for the past ten minutes. "That guy," I began as I looked to my left - and Oh Snap, that guy was at a table less than two feet away and could probably hear everything I was saying! - ," isssssssss right next to us."

And J----- and A--- laughed at me.

And L&T guy ate his food.

And I ate my food.

And there was no more witty banter about tortillas betwixt us.

But, still. We're gonna get married.

What the heck is going on in this picture?? Why is
she holding an apple, and why is it the only part
of the picture that is in color? Is the apple really
that significant??


In other news, today I
  • was incredibly lazy.
  • accidentally sent one of my favorite rings down to the BYU laundry.
  • ate a cupcake called "Party in Your Mouth" - it should really be called "Chocolate/Hazelnut/Cream Cheese Atomic Bomb in Your Mouth"


  1. haha best post ever! also, I think that picture is definitely mocking or worshipping twilight. I definitely hope so.

  2. Oh my, oh my. This was worth the wait.

  3. yeeeeeees!! :) bahahahaha. favorite post. i might read it everyday.