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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is There a Bachelor's Program for Random Crafting?

My life usually works like this:

Sorry for the bad quality. The labels are school, crafts, and work.

The funny thing about being an English major is that all of the professors seem to get together and plot when they should all have their papers due. So what happens is that every 3 weeks or so I'll have 4 papers and sometimes a couple of midterms all at once. Which is always a hassle. But the other weeks are usually just full of reading homework which is cake! I supposed it would be smart to use that downtime to write my papers so that things wouldn't all pile up, but what I usually end up doing instead is doing lots of crafts.

I think my roommates think I'm a little silly for liking to do crafts so much, but, as I've tried to explain to them, when a Mormon girl grows up in Las Vegas, there's not much else she can do. Las Vegas isn't really catered to people with standards... So, my friends and I had to get pretty creative to keep ourselves entertained. We decorated shoes, finger-painted, made puppets, painted rocks, made pinatas, and whittled sticks - and this was in my junior year of high school.

This last week and a half have been in the low school and high crafting area. I crafted a cool surprise for a favorite friend which I can't show you all because I haven't given it to her yet.

However, I can show you this:

This doesn't show it off very well, but I made a whole bunch of
little autumn lanterns! They're actually super cute and easy
but my roommate put up a whole bunch of these lights
and I'm trying to make a lampshade for every single one...
it's taking a whole lot longer than I anticipated.

and also this:
This is my mask for my owl Halloween costume! It's kinda
creepy, especially 'cause I'm holding it in front of my space
heater in this pic. It doesn't usually have evil glowing
red eyes...

I think I'm almost completely crafted out, which is probably a good thing. I still have to make the shirt for my owl costume, but I think after that I'm gonna need a craft fast.

Other Life Updates

I got a new car! Well, new in that it is new for me. It was actually made in '84, but it is in impressively good condition and only has 65,000 miles. I love it! Like seriously, words cannot describe how cool I think this thing is. It's basically the best thing ever times a trillion. My mom says its a grandma car, but that's probably best as I've been told before that I drive like a grandma. It took a lot of deliberation deciding on what to call it. The previous owners had called it Puff, but I wanted to call it "Miss Daisy" due to its birthday and so that I could say I was "Driving Miss Daisy". However, I finally conceded to my mom's idea, "Marsha Mellow," because I think it just really looks like a Marsha.


Also, today was crazy at work. While I was supervising this morning, the grill freakin' caught on fire! There were giant flames shooting out the back. I tried to smother it with a giant pan and sent one of the people on my team to grab the manager and the fire extinguisher, and the fire department was also called. We got it put out before the firefighters arrived, but it was intense. And there I am worrying about the grease catchers in the ceiling catching on fire as well 'cause the flames from the grill are getting HIGH, and there's the rest of my team, taking pictures and running down to the grill with mini marshmallows on plastic forks to roast. Finally, the managers arrived on the scene, but there was a couple minutes where in my head, I was screaming like a maniac and running around in circles. I handled it scarily well on the outside though. While the managers were debating on how to best put it out, I sent the rest of the employees over to ice cream while I continued to make the burgers that were on the grill. In my defense, I really didn't want to have to refund 12 people for their food. It's a hassle. And the one woman who I did have to refund acted like it was all my fault that the grill was on fire! I mean, she could see the flames, what the heck did she want me to do?! They were getting ready to hose it down with the fire extinguisher! And it wasn't any of our faults. Apparently whoever has the job of cleaning back there hasn't been doing it... like at all. I don't know whose job that is, but I know its not mine or any of the regular restaurant employees.

Picture courtesy of one of my goofball team members, haha.
It got wider and even a little taller than this.

Tonight was also the night I was supposed to supervise the closing restaurant shift. We had a line to the door almost the entire time. The drains were clogged and so the kitchen was flooded and gross and the dishes had to be done in the supply closet with the hose and drain. And then one of the drains for the dipwells was completely clogged up too!

So basically, I'm pooped. And yet, I'm wide awake too. I guess today was just too bizarre for my system to handle.